Make A Circle – Teaching Tips

Marzec 23, 2015 3:11 am
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“Make A Circle” is one of our favorite classroom songs! At the end of the song, everyone is seated and ready for circle time.

We visited MILK English ( in Seoul, Korea. All the kids wore „Hanbok” (traditional Korean clothing) and we had a great time singing songs together. Thanks very much to everyone at MILK English!

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♫ Time to make a circle.
Make a circle, big, big, big.
small, small, small. Big, big, big.
Make a circle, small, small, small.
Hello, hello, hello.

Make a circle, round and round.
Round and round. Round and round.
Make a circle, round and round.
Hello, hello, hello.

Make a circle, up, up, up.
down, down, down. Up, up, up.
Make a circle, down, down, down.
Now sit down. ♫
Song: Make A Circle –
Album: Super Simple Songs 1

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