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23 marca, 2015 3:12 am
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It’s our Greatest Hits video! 80 minutes of your favorite songs:

It’s „Mary Had A Little Lamb” with a Super Simple and super silly twist! Mary had a Kangaroo!?
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Music: Traditional
Adapted Lyrics: Copyright 2011 Super Simple Learning®
Video: Copyright 2014 Super Simple Learning®

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Mary had a little lamb, little lamb, little lamb.
Mary had a little lamb whose fleece was white as snow.

Mary had a little lamb, and a big giraffe?!

Mary had a big giraffe, big giraffe, big giraffe.
Mary had a big giraffe whose neck was very long.
Long, long, long, long.
Long, long, long, long.
Very very very long.

And a rhinoceros. Hmmm?

Mary had a rhinoceros, rhinoceros, rhinoceros.
Mary had a rhinoceros whose horn was very sharp.
Sharp, sharp, sharp, sharp.
Sharp, sharp, sharp, sharp.
Very very very sharp.

A kangaroo, too?

Mary had a kangaroo, kangaroo, kangaroo.
Mary had a kangaroo whose pouch was very warm.
Warm, warm, warm, warm.
Warm, warm, warm, warm.
Very very very warm.

And a camel.

Mary had a camel, camel, camel.
Mary had a camel. Whose hump was very round.
Round, round, round, round.
Round, round, round, round.
Very very very round.

Song: Mary Had A Kangaroo
CD: Super Simple Songs – Animals
Music: Super Simple Learning
Animation: Tinman Creative Studios
Vocals: Leah Frederick

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„Mary Had A Kangaroo” by Super Simple Learning


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