Taniec Dla Dzieci – Classical Ballet dance

23 marca, 2015 1:44 am
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Kaylee Quinn is now 8 years old and dances at Dance Precisions. It has been a few years since any videos of her put up. We have finally put up and linked through this channel now of her 2013 solo videos choreographed by the amazing Molly Long! She absolutely loves dance! Thanks for all your supporting and kind emails of wondering how she has been! You can view dance precisions channel for all the other videos that she is in and all the other amazing dancers Kaylee dances with!

5 year old Kaylee takes 3 hours a week of Classical Russian Ballet. This is very helpful for her rythmic, artistic gymnastics and competitive dance. Her favorite part of Ballet is center work. She loves jumping, leaping and turning. This is her second year of classical ballet. Kaylee is not taking class here with her regular ballet teachers. She is just having a private with another ballet teacher at another studio so we could film her. She has never worked with Ms. Kirsten doing ballet before so some parts of this class she was doing things she has never tried before. Prior to this video being made Kaylee was trained by her wonderful teachers Tatiana Tchekacheva and Valeri Tchekachev. „Music: Kevin MacLeod”


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